A winding road surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub connects Fluminimmaggiore to the Valley of Antas. Here, in a fascinating secluded area is the Tempio di Sid Sardus Pater Babai, a Roman temple built in the heart of the Valley of Antas. Following an ancient Roman trail from the temple you can reach the Valley of Su Mannau and the wonderful Su Mannau caves. The Su Mannau caves are well worth a visit, full of stalactites, stalagmites, crystalline pools and galleries which can be admired on a guided tour (great for families) or on a speleological trip which gives you the chance to explore the depths of cave and discover a fascinating hidden world.

The historical and naturalistic journey continues on towards the coast with the beautiful beaches of the area. To the north there is Piscinas, a natural paradise with sand dunes as high as 60 meters, and Scivu, an uncontaminated white beach.

Further south you can find the perfect habitat for snorkelers at Capo Pecora a rocky bay with natural pools to swim in. Portixeddu-San Nicolo are the two extremes of a long stretch of beach surrounded by mountains and woods. Cala domestica can found after the enchanting fishing village of Buggerru, a very wild bay with two long promontories either side of crystal clear blue sea. Continuing down the coast you can admire the Pan di Zucchero, a 133 meter tall calcareous rock in the middle of the sea.

This is a territory rich in old mine sites that can be visited on guided tours. In Buggerru you can visit the Galleria Henry. Hop on the old steam train replica and experience the trip through the mining galleries followed by breath-taking views as you come out onto an external part of the gallery with spectacular views of the deep blue sea below.




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